Beaches in Malinska

Malinska, a city that was once known for its ships, today has many beautiful and clean sandy beaches and lush surrounding vegetation. Along the coast you will see a lot of Mediterranean vegetation. Next to the coast there are hotels, villas, boarding houses, apartments and campsites. For swimming there are a lot of beautiful beaches in hidden coves and some hotels even offer its own swimming pool. While visiting Malinska, you should absolutely visit the beach Malin and walk towards the bay Haludovo.

Unofficial nudist paradise beach:  is a natural beach between Malinska and Njivice, which is located next to the Eden/paradise road. The beach has not been officially declared as a nudist beach, but it is visited by many nudists. The beach is not recommended for families with children, since the descent into the water quite steep and uncomfortable.

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Haludovo Beach: beach complex Haludovo is the most popular among children because the sea along the shore is shallow and the beach completely sandy, because of that, the children loves to play in the shallows and build sand castles. Under the complex there are smaller beaches, mostly concrete and rocky. Although complex no longer works, there are still a few waste bins and sanitation is really good also. Today, you can only imagine how this area looked like forty years ago, when this place was visited by rich American tourists, who were resting on the luxury lounge chairs, being served from all sides, with top waiters who were taking care of them. Due to the proximity of pine forests you can enjoy the wonderful scents and listen to the sounds of crickets. A walk along this area you will certainly lead you to complete relaxation. In addition, next to this beach, you can as well find a beach of hotel Maestral.

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Rupa Beach: is the town beach, which is located in the center of Malinska. Rupa is a quite small beach, partially covered with sand and partly paved. It is surrounded by rich green park, which has become an integral part of the beach. The beach is located near the apartments, shops, restaurants, bars, patisseries and bakeries. On the beach there are showers and changing rooms, as well as the children’s playground, which along with a sandy access to the sea, makes the place very family friendly. During the season, at day time, they as well have a lifeguard. The beach has arranged access for wheelchairs. For many years, the beach adorned with a blue flag, which speaks for itself.

 Rupa rupa2

Beach Draga (Malin Hotel): is a fantastic concrete beach, which is located under the hotel Malin. On the beach there is a water park with slides for children. Nearby you can find, many catering facilities and a playground for beach volleyball.

mulino mulino2


Beach Vrtača: is a smaller beach, which is located in the heart of Malinska, between beaches Rova and Draga (Malin Hotel). It is a concrete-pebble beach, situated in a cozy cove surrounded by pine trees. Nearby there are restaurants and sports facilities.


Beach Rova (Riu Blue Waves + Hotel Vila Rova): has a crystal clear sea and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Malinska. This pebble beach is located in the Gulf of Rova, which lies directly next to the hotel Blue Waves Resort (250m) and Villa Rova (400m). Between the hotel and the beach there is no road, which is great for families with children, because children can freely run around while parents can enjoy the sun and the crystal clear sea. There is as well a possibility to hire sun loungers and parasols. Along the beach there is a hotel bar, where you can enjoy a drink or two.

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Vantačići Beach and Beach Valica: Approximately 400 meters long beach Vantačić is a mixture of pebble but mostly rocky beach with concrete slabs. Nearby there are several restaurants and bars, with refreshing drinks and snacks. In the next bay you can find about 300 meters long beach Valica, which consists of hard concrete slabs. If you continue to walk towards the village Porat, you will be greeted by another 300 meters long sandy beach called Uhić.

 Vantačić in Valica Vantačić in Valica2



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