Activities in Soline bay

From seeing historical remains of St. Peters church, to swimming to the islet Škojić , and at the end – a healing mud bath. All of this you can do in Soline bay. Soline bay has many interesting and historical stories in which, with just a bit of imagination we can find ourselves, while we are walking through this authentic landscape. One of the extinct or we can say abandoned villages, in the first decade of the last century in the region Dobrinj, is the small village called Šugare, which is located near the village of Rudine, but still belongs under the area where Soline Bay is located.  Tomaž and I decided to find the remains of the St. Peter church, so we followed the map. Soon from the road we noticed a sign. We stopped our car and left it by the road next to the shepherd’s fence, through which we went towards the coast. The route was surrounded by different trees and low vegetation. On the left and the right side we noticed a few items that were there to catch the rain for thirty goats or sheep, which we did not see in person but knew they were there by the traces of their maneuver.  After a few meters we arrived to the coastline and walked by the nice little bay. On the right side we saw the church of st. Peter or what it was left from it. This church is dedicated to Saint Peter, which would protect the keys of heaven.

cerkev sv. Petra

St. Peter church

 They say that part of the heaven, is present right here in this place, where the authentic Uvala Soline stand the remains of this medieval chapel. When we walked behind the church on the other side of the bay, in front of us there was the islet Škojić. Even though it was small, it radiated some kind of charisma, which got our attention and made us swim on the islet with this big ruin building in the middle. While swimming we were guessing, how many meters the islet Škojić was away from the mainland, our reviews were verified with the end result which was 450 meters. When we reached the islet the ruins of the old building and actually everything around it was covered in big thorns and mighty barbed vegetation, so we did not stay long on the islet but headed back almost instantly.

Otok Škojić 1

Island Škojić

We proudly swam those 900m and then went on well-deserved healing mud treatment in the gulf of Meline/Soline. What am I talking about? Soline bay has a very special beach, where you can dip your body into some healing mud. There you will see a lot of people who are from head to toe smeared in mud, and are then walking on the beach, or lying in the mud and relaxing. Many people are so happy with the beneficial effects of therapeutic mud that they always likes to come back to this area. Nowadays, the beach is dedicated to swimmers and walkers on the long promenade that stretches to the sea, sometimes this place was full of barrels, in which the locals day and night cooked salt, which they later exchanged for flour, sugar and similar products. The beach is shallow and is suitable for families with children. It is interesting that you can walk about 100 meters while the water extends only to your knees. Destination is popular with both young and old. It offers the possibility of good fun, a picnic by the sea, playing volleyball and soccer on the muddy beach, and other fun activities. Older people are very fond of rubbing themselves with healing mud and then just relax on the promenade or on the so-called “Štrada” 

As you can see on the pictures, also Tomaž and me tried out the healing bud and experienced this interesting Soline bay, which I warmly recommend you to visit.

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