Omišalj is a place with rich history and tradition

This historic tourist-oriented town is known for its archaeological remains and ancient customs, which are presented with soul by the local people. When you come from the Krk Bridge to the island of Krk, you are slowly entering the municipality Omišalj. The historic town of Omišalj is located on the northwest side of the island, at about 85 meters altitude steep hill, from which extends a unique view of the sea. The city looks as if it dominates the Bay of Kvarner. Omišalj is full of cultural and historical monuments and is famous for its old traditions. Well preserved is their ancient folklore tradition. Each year, the fifteenth day of August, they celebrate the day of first fruits which they call Stomarina, at that time they sing their characteristic songs, and perform folk dances in their typical colorful national costumes. During our exploration of the town Omišalj, we stayed in apartments Bačić, where we were very well taken care of. More about the apartment and our experience, you can read at the following link: 

In Omišalj you can find two hotels which are located right next to the sea, hotel Adriatic and the Hotel Delfin. They also have an auto-camp called Pušča, which is only 2km away from the city center, Most of the beaches in Omišalj are made of the stone, however you can find some pebbly and sandy coves. Omišalj has a long and varied coastline; therefore, I am sure that everyone will find their favorite spot. These beaches attract mostly lovers of solitude, who would like to relax in peaceful surroundings. For those who want a more active holiday, it is better if you choose one of the two hotels, which will provide you with a range of organized fun activities. For family vacations I recommend Pesja beach, which is one of the best known beaches in Omišalj and is located in a bay with the shade of pine trees overlooking on the bay of Omišalj. Since 2004 the beach has a Blue Flag award. Above the beach there are playgrounds with a beautiful picnic area, awesome for socializing. Next to beach Pesja lays a stone pier with a lighthouse and also marina, which has a sea area of 200 docks, and there are also 60 spots on the coast. Omišaljski bay is exposed only to winds from the North, and therefore can serve as a good shelter for larger vessels. On the pier in the marina you can see the monument dedicated to Pope John Paul II. From the marina you can take a well-marked 500 meter long footpath, which will lead you pass the church of St. Nikola towards the city center. It could be said that the place is composed of two parts. One part represents the old part of town, which lies on the hill. Another part is located along the coast where you can find hotel complexes, villas and various restaurants that are connected with the old central part with narrow paths and roads. The majority of these complexes is surrounded by pine trees and cypresses. You can practically see Omišalj in one day, or you can arrange activities throughout the week, and every day visit something interesting, if nothing else can get lost while finding archaeological remains. That Omišalj is a city of art, rich culture and historical landmarks we can definitely notice while we walk through the old town. When I started researching, I got the feeling that this is really a special place, with a soul full of warm temperament and Mediterranean people who are still somehow living in the past, but compensated this very well with technology, because at my surprise next to the tourist information center, they have a free city wifi point. In the town center, next to the tourist office on the street Prikešte, you can as well find a post office, municipality, pharmacy, library, clinic and two city galleries. On the same street when you pass the restaurant “U Barbi Gerga,” you will arrive to the Memorial Park of St. Mikula. Near the park there is a bowling area and children’s playground.  Next to the memorial park you can see a roundabout where you can find the bus station, ATM, a store and a few bars. If you continue your way pass the tourist information center, on the street “put dupca” and continue your way deeper into the old town, you will arrive to the square in the middle, where you cannot ignore the large three-aisled basilica pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. On that spot in the old town square next to the church and the inn Ulikva is located St. Jelena chapel. Until the year 1815 there used to be a church cemetery called Smitir, which was later moved into the area out from the city. If you continue you way forward on the street “put sten” you will reach the view point, which is located at the edge of Omišalj walls, from where you will see a beautiful view over the Pesja bay. Through the narrow streets populated with rich Mediterranean vegetation and gardens, we continue towards the second edge of the city walls – the city is very small so there is no chance to get lost. If you walk next to the edge you will reach the northern part of the city, and another lookout point, which is located next to an interesting water tower and a small medieval church with a arcade, which is dedicated to St. Antun of Padova. Judging from the wall graffiti, I’d say that this is the area where the events take part. From this viewing point you can clearly see the Kvarner Bay.


Lookout point

This area rises above the well-known park Dubec. This park is thoughtfully decorated and enriched with pathways in the length of 995 meters, it is located on a surface of 18,000 square meters. They began with building the Park in 1925, the work with intermittent, carry on for about three years. The land on which the park was build was owned by the citizens, but they graciously decided to donate it. Park Dubec is full of plants and trees, representing the island’s nature. It is a great place to relaxation or walking, enjoyed by locals and tourists. The biggest attraction in Omišalj, are certainly well-known Mirine-Fulfinum located in the nearby bay Sepen, where they discovered the remains of an ancient village. Fulfinium was a town,developed in the first century, which has already been mentioned by the Greek writer Ptolemaeus.


Early Christian basilica from the fifth century,

Today, the city remains are very difficult to see, as the sea rose more than two meters, and this has resulted in, part of the city being underground and another part beneath the sea. Next to the bay is an archaeological park Mirine – Fulfinium, where stands three-nave early Christian basilica from the fifth century, which is the largest in the Mediterranean. In the park there are remains of the Forum, this was a place where the world’s major representatives talked and pondered about politics, economics, etc. If you decide to visit Mirine, you can on the way stop at the town’s cemetery of Groblje St. Duh, which has been migrated from the city center as I mentioned before. Omišalj has a ritch tourism history and has become the vacation destination of many loyal visitors. I was a little disturbed upon arrival with the industry that destroys view, but after a few days I have already forgotten about it or it and rather enjoyed this amazing town, as probably all the rest of Omišalj visitors.







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