Baška, the Adriatic pearl

In the fertile, green Baška valley, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and figs, embraced by beautiful karst mountain Velebit is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia – Baška. Surely the main reason to visit Baška, is 1800m long, unique, pebble beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. If I would need to choose my favorite place on the island of Krk, at the top of my list would definitely be Baška. Why? Because this is a region, where you have everything at the reach of your hand. Any visitor can find something they are interested in and will fill them with excitement.

Glagolitic letter A, at the entrance to the Baška valley

If you’re a fan of history and architecture, as well as visits to cultural attractions, you will be completely fascinated by the town of Baška. Already at the entrance to the Baščanska valley, on the right hand of the road you will notice a sculpture that represents the first letter of the Glagolitic alphabet – letter A. Over the whole Baščanska valley there is a well-known Glagolitic path which you will see, even if you choose not to visit the planned route, across the entire region you will certainly often encounter with one of these four large and 30 small sculptures, which illustrate the Glagolitic letters. Glagolitic alphabet font, was used in this area in the past and is therefore a major and very respected part of the town’s history. In the Baščanska valley, there is also a village called Jurandvor, in this place there is the church of Sv. Lucy, in which you can see the most important Croatian cultural monument of Croatian Written Form, discovered in 1100 – “Baščanska plošča” – Baška plate, which is written in the Glagolitic alphabet. Because of this discovery, Jurandvor had become famous, and is now visited by many tourists and worshipers. While you walk around this historical, authentically colored city, especially trough the old part, you can really feel the soul of the place itself. The narrow, old, picturesque, seaside streets are full of life, you can see all kinds of stalls, small houses and shops. Each of them expresses its unique personality, through their carefully chosen warm colors, decorative antiques and lovely plants completely takes you over. The old part will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Wonderful walking path next to the sea

Wonderful walking path next to the sea

If you are an extremist, or just a fan of actively spent holidays, you can choose from a variety of water sports and sea adventures, hiking and biking trails (you can also rent a mountain bike), or you can choose to climb one of the three regulated climbing areas, offered by Baška. More about climbing can be found at this link:

For me personally, the complete winner of hiking trails in Baška was the versatile way to the bay of Vela and Mala Luka-port. Especially I liked the dynamic way back across the canyon Vrženica, which ended with the discovery of many beautiful, clean bays, which, in my opinion, were more beautiful and magical than 1800m long famous Baška beach, which in peak season tends to be rather too crowded. More about the hike, you read at this link:

The route starts and ends in the famous nudist camp Bunculuka, which is little and a bit more naked version of the famous Baška beach. At the end of the beach you can find a climbing spot.

FKK beach Bunculuka

FKK beach Bunculuka

In Baska valley, however, is not only the most beautiful beach, but also the highest peak on the island of Krk. This is Obzova, which is located at 568 meters above sea level. More about this adventure you can read at the following link:

One of the most breathtaking views of the city Baška and its beach, you can see when you are walking up the trail towards the bay Vela Draga. The view is seen in the first part of the way, which is seen from the mighty cliffs. More about this trail you can read on this link:

If you do not want to go on these adventures by yourself, you can hire professionals, which will in within the day trip, guide you to different tours around Baška, or take you on boat cruises to the near islands.  The selection is very large. As you walk along the beach path, on the right side you will notice many stands where you can, in person talk with trips representatives, which sell certain packets. They will kindly show you pictures and give you some discount if you choose their trip right away. In Baška one thing is certain, you will never be hungry. One reason is that the coast is filled with a series of diverse catering facilities, with its varied gastronomic offer, which are just calling you to visit them. I recommend not to stop at the first restaurant, but take a walk along the coast and go for the one which you will really like. Since the choice is very large you will be happy to see some pleasant competitive prices. A nice, not too long – not too short, walk along the shore before dinner is certainly, more than welcome. The reason that the beaches in Baška are covered by both fine and round stones is the responsibility of the strong north wind, which especially in the winter cause powerful waves, which are kissing the shore and form stones which are in the summer very enjoyable. Sometimes the wind blows in summer as well, which is not necessarily an unpleasant experience, because you can take advantage of the waves for windsurfing. Guests are obviously not too bothered by the wind, since they enthusiastically return each season and fill the hotels, campsites and apartments.

In Baška there are three camps, named: Camp MALI AC, AC and NC BUNCULUKA. Corinthia, Atruim residence, Zvonimir and Tamaris are the names of the four hotels that can be found in the city. In case of bad weather, or if you get the wish, you can relax in the wellness center of Hotel Corinthia, which offers visitors a variety of programs, from recreation in the gym, swimming pool, relaxation in the sauna, jacuzzi and a variety of beauty treatments, from classic bath to massages, aromatherapy, etc. Baška has a large number of parking lots, which cost about (30 Kn) per day, for that reason, day visitors wants to leave their cars in the forbidden places, where it may happen that your car will be taken. Therefore, it is surely preferable to park your car where there are sighs for that,  or simply visit Baška for more than one day and park in front of your apartment or hotel. During the exploration of Baška we lived in apartments Villa Maria, and had a parking lot just next to the house. Read more about this personal experience at this link: 

When you arrive to Baška on the far right side, when looking towards the sea, village Zarok is dominated by apartments. You could say that this is an apartment complex. Nearby you have a bakery and a small shop and a few places to eat. In the extreme edge, when you can already start to mount up the hill you may notice a “freeride” hand-decorated space that is designed for jumping with motocross bikes, as we were told by the young man who had his hands full with the editing the place. Passing that place you can walk up the rocky slope with an amazing and exceptional view on Baška. In the center of Baška there are campsites and hotels, as well as a few cultural attractions. I should mention Shrine of Our Lady Goričke, which is a known pilgrimage and tourist destination, to which you can go on the marked foot or bicycle path from Baška, which leads along the river Vela Rika in the company of beautiful trees. It will take you approximately one hour in one direction. Feature of this pilgrimage route are the 237 steps, which you must climb to reach the church at the top waiting for you with a beautiful view, cemetery, library and the statue of lady Gorička. More about the most beautiful beaches in Baška you can find on this link:

I recommend that on your arrival to the city, you visit the touristic information center and ask them for the map of the town. They will be more than happy to give you a detailed plan of the city with its attractions and the most important point.

Tourist information center

Tourist information center

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