Beaches in Vrbnik

Beaches in the immediate vicinity:

Nuluk: This small sandy beach is located near the port Vrbnik. From the parking next to the harbor you can reach the beach in less than a minute. Just next to the beach and harbor there is an beach inn, where you can enjoy yourself with a glass of local wine (Žlahtina) and strengthen yourself with local specialities.

Nukuk 2 nuluk 3 nuluk

Pod Kovač: Beach Pod Kovač, is surrounded by high rocks, over which lays the city Vrbnik. It is possible to visit the beach trough a rocky passage that leads from the village on foot. You can enter into it through a small entrance hidden between the rocks, which are located directly at the pier (port Vrbnik). A visit to the beach in the morning is recommended, as it has during the day, due to its location plenty of shade.

Pod Kovač 2 Pod Kovač 3 Pod Kovač

Zgribnica: The main beach in the town of Vrbnik is Zgribnica. This amazing beach with crystal clear water situated under the picturesque village of Vrbnik can be accessed by a stone path (accessible for disabled persons) from the main road (see picture). If you arrive by car on the top of the beach there is an arrange parking lot. The beach has been improved with the addition of the concrete surface and is very suitable for children. The beach has the same name as restaurant with a barbecue and a cold drink situated on the beach. There are as well available showers and changing rooms. In season, you can also rent paddle boats, deck chairs and parasols.

Zgribnica 2 Zgribnica 3 Zgribnica

Kozica: This beautiful pebble beach Kozica, is about 10 minutes away from the beach Zgribnica and about 15 minutes from the center of Vrbnik. To reach the beach you must go on a short walk through the pine forest, which starts from the car park. As it is usual in wild bays, you need to take some food and drinks with you, since there is no service. Beach will enchant you with its simple beauty, unspoiled nature and clear blue-green sea.

kozica 2 kozica 3 kozica

More remote beaches:

Mala Javna – Risika: Before you arrive at the sandy beach of St. Marek, you will see two bays hidden in the unspoiled nature with crystal clear water.

Mala Javna

Sv. Marek – Risika: If you are looking for a sandy beach, then visit the beach of St. Mark, which will from the center of Vrbnik take about 15 minutes by car. Just before the beach there is parking which in the peak season cost around (20kun). If you are more active you can visit the beach on foot and rather spend your money in one of the two bars located on this beautiful, natural sandy beach in a sheltered bay. Directly on the sandy beach there is no shade, but there is a green lawn just next to it covered with a few small trees, and there is the possibility to rent umbrellas and deckchairs. Near the beach there is a small hill with chapel of “Sveti marks” with a beautiful view of the continent. On the other side you can as well find a nice rocky beach, which is suitable for snorkeling and jumping from the cliffs.

Sv Marek 2 Sv Marek 3 Sv Marek

Potovšće: This beautiful pebble beach is located approximately 2 km south of Vrbnik. Along the beach there is plenty of parking, and it can be also accessed by boat. In a quiet location, the bay offers magnificent views of the coast from the nearby hills. The sea is crystal clear. The beach is ideal for nature lovers and families with children. There is no natural shade but it is possible to rent a parasol. In season, you can also refresh yourself in a beach bar, where they offer refreshments. It is interesting to mention that in the study of the Croatian weekly, this beach was proclaimed as one of the 100 most beautiful, not too famous beaches on the Adriatic.

Potovšće 3 Potovšće

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