Visit of Katunar Winery in Vrbnik

The island Krk and in general, Croatian coast has a centuries-old tradition in the production of wine and champagnes. In ancient times, wine was one of the main products of the island. We went to visit Winery Katunar, which can be found just before you enter the city Vrbnik. This family winery is located on the beautiful Vrbnik field, where, as far you can see, stretches a beautiful vine. One of the interesting information we’ve received is that it Vrbnik field used to grow wheat, which serve as food for larger families, who baked bread from it, which they needed to survive. Back then the vineyards were located more at the edge on rocky areas, next to wheat field, but at that time, there was no market, wine has been produced solely for their own needs. Vrbnk field used to be flooded a lot and the water was not suitable for the cultivation of the vine, but over a century ago, they’ve diverted a channel to the sea, so that the excessive amount of rain water could flow out. From then on, they began to plant the vines. The owner said that when the vine grew from poor soil the wine tasted differently, maybe even better.


Vines in Vrbnik

The winery Katunar today continues a centuries-old family tradition of viticulture and winemaking, which has experienced a boom in the nineties. Like all wine production in this region until the end of the 80s, the family Katunar was associated with the local cooperative winery – as it was until 1990, the only possible way of doing business. The reason, that in the nineties they started to expand, was their investment into new technologies. They combined the traditional way of viticulture with new practices in winemaking. They were among the first who introduce a controlled cold fermentation and have started producing sparkling wines. They as well began to plant new vineyards on the old wine-making positions at Baška. Katunar winery is pleased that it remains one of the smaller boutique wineries, and in this spirit, successfully expanding their presence in the export markets. During the visit, we were offered a tasting of their wines and been told that they as well offer other domestic products from the island like: jam, cheese, etc. They have seven different types of wines and four different types of homemade spirits. The most famous is probably the red wine Kurykta nigra, which we got as a gift while visiting. Their wines have already received a large number of awards at various competitions, which you can see on the wall of their reception. Their wine was drank as well from some famous people like the pope Janez Pavel during his visit to Croatia, Chinese President Hu Jintao during a formal dinner, the  US President George Bush, who was toasting the alliance with his Croatian counterpart Stjepan Mesic. Their champagne called Biser Mora, has also been enjoyed by Vladimir Putin.


Wine painting

In the room where the wine is stored we can as well see the “vinorel Gallery” where they exhibited paintings, which are painted with wine. In this room, they can take in the larger groups, which by prior arrangement get real reception with the wine-tasting and other delicacies prepared by them. The whole place has a wonderful glass balcony view on Vrbnik field, which gives the winery a special charm. Outside under the olive trees they offer number of seats where it operates Pečenjara St. Nedija – terrace grill and wine bar, named after the church of Sv. Nedija, which is located right next to the road. Well, more you can see in the photo gallery, they say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. What we can’t describe not with words nor picture is the taste of the wine, so if you decide to visit Vrbnik, don’t forget to stop at the winery Katunar, and try their traditional products.

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