Beaches in Omišalj

Beaches in Omišalj are the sandy, rocky and pebble. The long and varied coastline of Omišalj, can bring their visitors a nice summer party or a quiet and relaxing vacation in one of many hidden bays. Hotel beaches are filled with fun activities, and filled with several bars and restaurants nearby. For a family vacation I recommend you to visit to the most famous beach in Omišalj – Pesja, where since 2004 they proudly wave their Blue Flag, which illustrates the superior quality of the water. The beach is located at the very end, in a beautiful bay with the shade of pine trees overlooking the Omišalj.

Adriatic/Jadran Beach: This local beach which is situated below the hotel Adriatic, offers a large selection of diversity. You can walk among the small boutiques and treat yourself with a lunch in the restaurant, which is located right on the beach or have a dessert in a near patisserie.

 jadran 2 jadran 3 jadran

Beach Pesja: Public sandy beach Pesja is located at the end of Omišalj’s magnificent bay, protected in the shade of a pine forest, where you can find a pleasant picnic area and volleyball court. The beach is located about 1 km away from the city center.

pesja a pesja

pesjaa pesjaaa

 Beach Stari Grad: is located below the village of Mali Kijec, where you can find a series of friendly landscaped concrete bays, which can be accessed from the village or on the path along the coast. Close to the beach there is a playground and a small supermarket.

 stari grad 2 stari grad

Učka Beach: is located on the other side of the port. Above the beach you can see the old town and the famous park Dubec, the beach is located next to abandoned, but once very successful hotel Učka.

 plaža učka plaža ulčka 1 Plaža ulčka

Pušća Beach Camp: In the camp Pušća you will find a sandy beach, suitable for children. You can enter the beach on foot and in that case you do not have to pay any entrance fee. If you wish, you can as well come by care in exchange for a small fee. The beach is dog friendly and it offers you a mini shop, a bar and an excellent restaurant Tuna House. Nearby there is children’s playground as well as access to free wireless internet.

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