Šilo, a piece of earth’s paradise.

On the northeastern coast of the island Krk, opposite the mainland Crikvenica in Stipanj bay, lies the village with a port named Šilo. This is a young village known for its clear waters, unspoiled nature, beautiful bays and beaches, which are due to the long cape protected from eastern and southern winds. Here was built the first ferry line on the Croatian side of the Adriatic: Crikvenica – Šilo. Before the bridge was built, the town was heavily trafficked, since they were abolished ferry line and set up the bridge, the city regained a more peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, which many people like to visit for a good resting vacations. Šilo has the longest tradition of tourism in the municipality of Dobrinj. In my opinion, the biggest tourist treasure in Šilo is represented by the number of sunny, wild and deserted coves with crystal clear water.

dobrodošli v Šilo

Welcome to Šilo

Accommodations in the city are mainly apartments and there is also a well-organized AC Tiha, which is located next to the sea. Part of the camp that does not have a shadow, and is mostly designed for motorhomes and trailers, the other more shady part of the camp is designed to flat rate guests. When you walk through the camp, you will notice the newer luxury mobile homes that are located near the sea. Šilo is also catered for recreation. There are tennis courts, sandy volleyball courts, basketball and soccer, as well as recreation at sea: sailing, rowing, diving. Šilo as well has a smaller store, a trade stall with fruit and vegetables, restaurant and a bar. For any question, you can visit the nearby local Tourist Information Centre. Šilo is a place friendly to our our doggies, as they have a very special beach for dogs. As you walk on the dog beach, you may soon see the so-called Tunera. This is a wooden fishing lookout tower with a ladder, evoking the memory of the days when tuna was one of the main sources of income in fishing activities, and during the wars almost guaranteed the survival of the local population. What I like especially in Šilo is that, you can literally explore this village on foot, by bicycle or by car. On a small place you can discover a lot of interesting places and historical remains. While exploring hidden coves, we saw the mighty cliffs over the sea, where we noticed two holes, which looked like a cave, and at the top of the hill the remains of a Byzantine fortress. We went to see this so-called Roman villa, which was not something too special. Much more breathtaking was the view which extends from the hill, where the remains of the fort were situated.

razgled iz klifov kjer so ostanki bizantinske utrdbe

View from the forth.

It is said that the fort served as a lookout spot where the locals preyed on thieves and attackers, which did not spare Šilo through the past century. From the fort we decided to go a few meters to the right, towards the cliff with the caves which we saw from the distance, we went down the rocks down and jumped into the sea. We swam a few meters away, to get a sense of where they are located. When we saw the cave we swam towards it. It was hiding in the cliffs on the right side of the bay. Upon entering the cave we were in a kind of shipwreck spirit, and we carefully marched in. On the floor there was full of white feathers, which indicate some kind of bird struggles, we climbed a little deeper, walked on rocks and heard the cries of a bat, which only showed himself once and then flew back into the black. The walls and ceiling cracks were wrapped in a thick spider web. Since we did not have flashlights, we could not explore the cave any deeper, if you are more adventurous,you should defiantly do that. And do not forget the flashlight and camera. Šilo is a place suitable for researchers who would like to discover their favorite bay for swimming, hidden cave, mountain trail, etc. it is also suitable for those who want to spend their days on the beach at the camp and take a walk around the city, which is adorned with a few minor attractions such as an anchor which has been taken from the ship Peltastis, which is one of the major diving attractions not far away from the town. You can read more about this sunken ship on this link:  http://www.krkcroatia.net/peltastis/ 

Šilo and its surroundings is very autochthonic village, surrounded by beautiful nature, crystal clear waters with sandy, pebble and rocky beaches, gentle naturally protected bays, interesting therapeutic mud, and many cultural and historical localities. If you are looking for a peaceful, welcoming place with local cuisine, and you want to experience the  cultural atmosphere of the whole region, this place is perfect for you. It is also great because, in a very short period of time, you can visit the nearby villages and see their local attractions. We visited a few of them. More about it you can read in the next connections:

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