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If you have decided that you will spend your holidays on the island Krk, in one of the most popular tourist destinations offered by the island – Baška, then I invite you to view our range of apartments Baška, and find your ideal holiday accommodation which is offered by apartments Baška. This beautiful fertile green valley Baška is located on the southeast coast of the island of Krk and consists of the following places: Draga Baščanska, Jurandvor, Batomalj and at the very end Baška.

Villa Marija - Apartmaji Baška

Apartment Villa Maria, is about 200 meters away from the sea and the nearest. If you decide to walk towards the extremely interesting center of Baška, which boasts with a beautiful, old, soulful structures and a variety of shops, stalls and beautiful views that will take you only 1000 meters. More pictures and a personal experience about these apartments you can read on this link:

Category: APARTMANTS: VILLA MARIA / apartment complex Zarok

Apartmani Ljubić - Apartmaji Baška

Apartments Ljubić are about 150 meters away from the sea. They have four carefully furnished apartments for 3 + 2 persons. Apartments are equipped with (satellite TV, WLAN internet access, a spacious living room, bathroom, terrace, kitchen with refrigerator, coffee maker. private garden with barbecue is also avaliabele .

Category: APARTMANTS LJUBIĆ, ZVONIMIROVA / center of Baška

Pansion Burin - Apartmaji Baška

Pension Burin is a pleasant family inn, which has 15 comfortable rooms with private bathroom and balcony. On the ground floor is air-conditioned restaurant, which offers many local specialties. Pension is situated in a quiet location, only about 400 meters away from the sea.

Category: PANSION BURIN, CRESKA 9  / center of Baška

Apartmani Dujmović - Apartmaji Baška

Apartments Dujmovic offer 6 different A4+1, A3+2, A3+2, A4+2, A2+1) modern apartment which have (satellite TV, air conditioning, Wi-Fi) there is also a parking lot available. The beach and the sea, are 350 meters away from the apartments

Category: APARTMENTS DUJMOVIČ, ZAGREBAČKA 47 / center of Baška

Apartmaji Polonijo - Apartmaji Baška

Kvarner family apartmants Polonijo are located right next to the most famous curch, St. Lucia, where it was found the famous Baška plate. The house is located about 1km from the center of Baška. They have 2 nice furnished apartments for 4 people with a large terrace. At 60 square meters, there are two bedrooms, kitchen and living room (satellite TV), shower + toilet. Both apartments are centrally heated and have air conditioning. The house awaits you a spacious parking lot.

Category: APARTMENTS POLONIJO, JURANDVOR / Apartmaji Baška: surroundings

Apartmets Baška: apartment complex Zarok

Description of the place / Apartments Baška:

When you arrive to Baška on the far right side, when looking towards the sea, there is a complex Zarok which is dominated by apartments. You could say that this is an apartment complex. From the center of Baška to Zarok, you will need about 3 minutes by car. Near Zarok you can find a bakery, small shop and several eateries. In the far edge of the beach, which is located just a few meters away from Zarok, where you already start going to the steep hill, you will notice a “freeride” hand-decorated space that is designed for jumping  with motocross bikes. From the village you can see a beautiful view of the well-known 1,800 meters long Baška beach.

Apartmets Baška: center of town Baška

Description of the place / Apartments Baška:

After you leave the village Batomalj, you will soon come to a junction where you turn right towards the center of Baška and down the street of King Zvonimir. You drive deeper into the city, where you will already see a lot of apartments on your left and right side of the street. You will see streets like creska, kvarnerska, velebitska etc. On the main street of King Zvonimir you will find everything you need. At the tourist information center you will find a pharmacy, a bank, ATM, hairdresser, grocery store, restaurant, clinic, post office, aquarium, etc.. This street is located right beside the sea and thus only a few steps away from the old town and a few steps away from the campgrounds, restaurants and hotel complexes. If you are staying in the apartment, which is located in the city center, your parking lot will be taken care of, since in the city center you can find everything, there is no need to drive anywhere. You can use things like: Restaurants, bars, hairdressing and beauty salon, spa and wellness center, terrace for dancing, souvenir stalls, shops, internet cafes, tennis courts and beach volleyball you can rent a personal watercraft and other vessels such as canoes, pedal boats. You can also rent a bike, engine or equipment for scuba diving, attend sailing school, go to the nudist beach, visit the museum’s cultural heritage or see the aquarium with fish from the Adriatic Sea. You can ride a taxi boat to the nearby bay, or take part in one of circa 80 km marked hiking trails.

Apartmets Baška: Surroundings

Description of the place / Apartments Baška:

When you arrive in Baška valley, before you arrive in the tourist town of Baska you drive through the quiet agricultural villages such as Draga Baščanska, Jurandvor and Batomalj, which are unlike the tourist town of Baška exposed to live a more peaceful life. Jurandvor is located circa 1.5 km out of the center of Baška. This village became famous because it revealed an important monument of Croatian Written Form: Baška plate.

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