Beaches in Šilo

The biggest tourist wealth in Šilo is represented by the number of sunny, wild and deserted coves with crystal clear water, which can be explored on foot, by car or boat. If you are on the beaches near the center of force is there also provided different dorms of recreation. There are tennis, basketball and soccer courts, sand volleyball, as well as recreation at sea: sailing, rowing, diving, paddle boat rides, etc.

The beaches in the immediate vicinity:

Center: If we look towards the sea at the tourist information center, on the left side going down the stairs, we will find some space suitable for swimming and jumping in the water. If you go on the right from the tourist information center, continue down the street Vodici, you will arrive at a concrete  beach. At the end of the street you can as well find a small sandy beach, which is in the season quickly filled by tourists. Nearby there is also a shop, a stall with fruits and vegetables, restaurant and a bar.

center 2 center 3 center

Beach for dogs: Šilo is a place which is friendly to your four legged friends, they have a very special beach meant for dogs, which they are extremely proud of. It is located in a quiet area, where our canine friends can run freely, without our fear, that they will cause any problems. While you are walking pass the doggy beach, you can see the so called Tunera. This is a wooden fishing lookout tower with a ladder, evoking the memory of the days when tuna was one of the main sources of income in fishing activities, and during the wars, almost guaranteed the survival of the local population.

 pasja plaža  (1) pasja plaža  (3)

Camp Tiha: The camp has its own pebble beach with showers, close to the beach is nicely decorated bar, which you can visit and refresh yourself with a cold drink in the shade under an umbrella.

 kamp tiha (1) kamp tiha (2) kamp tiha (3) kamp tiha

More remote beaches:

Bays: If you go along the coast towards Vrbnik, you will surely find a wonderful bay, created especially for you (Murvenica, Veterna, Petrina) – these bays can be explored on foot, by car or boat. If you’re a fan of diving head for the area between Šilo and Klimno bay, where there is a large number of bays, which are suitable for diving. The most popular is the area, where only around 100 meters from the shore at a depth of 32m is sunken Greek ship Peltastis.

 zaliv šilo 2 zaliv šilo 3 zaliv Šilo

Bay Soline / Melina: Approximately 8km away from Šilo, in the bay Meline, there is a large beach with healing mud called Soline. They say that the mud helps to relieve pain in rheumatic diseases. Many also bear witness to its therapeutic effects. Learn more about the experience with the bay on this link:  

 Uvala soline (1) Uvala soline (2) Uvala soline (3)

Sv. Marek – Risika: If you are looking for a sandy beach, then visit the beach of St. Mark, which will from the center of Vrbnik take about 15 minutes by car. Just before the beach there is parking which in the peak season cost around (20kun). If you are more active you can visit the beach on foot and rather spend your money in one of the two bars located on this beautiful, natural sandy beach in a sheltered bay. Directly on the sandy beach there is no shade, but there is a green lawn just next to it covered with a few small trees, and there is the possibility to rent umbrellas and deckchairs. Near the beach there is a small hill with chapel of “Sveti marks” with a beautiful view of the continent. On the other side you can as well find a nice rocky beach, which is suitable for snorkeling and jumping from the cliffs.

 Sv Marek 2 Sv Marek 3 Sv Marek

Bay Slivanjska: Only a few minutes away from one of the major attractions of island Krk, Biserujka cave, you can walk along the well-marked path to Slivanjska bay, some people say that it has one of the most beautiful beaches. You can decide that on you own. In the last century, the idea was, that in the place, where now we can see the stone remains they would build a “white hotel” but unfortunately that was just one of unfinished ideas. In my opinion, those white stone remains are the ones who brings some special charm to the bay.

uvala slivanjska (1) uvala slivanjska (2) uvala slivanjska (3)

Learn more about personal experience with the cave and the Slivanjska bay at this link: 

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