Beaches in Njivice

In Njivice beaches are known for their attractiveness and beauty. The beaches are mostly pebble and stone. For those who are searching for more peace, the nude beach, covered by the campsite has some hidden coves where you can relax. Swimming is practically possible everywhere along the coast. In the center, you will find a lot of restaurants and bars which will try to attract you with their music. Along the edges of the town, you will be able to find more peaceful bays, where you can move away from excessive noise and crowds.

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Sunset Beach: one of the most famous beaches in Njivice, is the Sunset beach. There you can rent deck chairs, pedal boats, or take a refreshing break in the famous cocktail bar on the beach, which organizes evening entertainment.

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Beach Adriatic/Jadran:  for many years this beach which is a combination of pebble and stone, proudly wings its Blue Flag which is a certificate of a very clean and well regulated beach.


Beach in the camp Njivice: Beach in the camp Njivice can be divided into two parts: part for sunbathing and a part for swimming. In the sunbathing part there is a variety of platforms meant for sunbathing, allowing access to the sea while bathing area is on a long pebble beach which has a really nice access to the sea, which is also suitable for children. If you want to hide from the sun, you can move a few meters away from the sea in the woods of Camp Njivice, which offers the perfect shade. On the beach you will also find a restaurant/beach bar “old Ribar” where you can refresh yourself with a cocktail or other refreshing drink. On the beach there is also a playground on which is placed a “pirate ship” so the children can play pirates and you can relax on the beach.

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Riviera Beach Hotel: The main and longest beach extends beneath the hotel Riviera and consists of three parts: concrete, sand and stone part.

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