Beaches in Baška

Baška proudly presents itself with 30 beautiful, clean beaches, which are accessible on foot or by boat. Baška town had issued a declaration, to maintain order and restore clean beaches.

Baška beach: One of the longest (1800m) and most beautiful beaches in Baška, is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by numerous restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, bars, hotels, campsites and private apartments. On the beach you can rent a variety of beaching devices such as surfboards, beach umbrellas, deck chairs, pedal boats, motor scooters, etc. This unique, pebble beach, was the first official open swimming area on the island of Krk, and therefore also the main reason for the development of tourism in Baška. Even today is considered, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic.

 vela plaža 2 vela plaža 3 vela plaža

Beach in the bay of Bunculuka: Smaller, and a little less dressed version of the famous Baška beach is located in a nudist camp Bunculuka. On the sideline, at the end of the beach is also known Bunculuka climbing area. If you walk from the campsite along the coast further in, you will discover with many more wonderful small and large bays with crystal clear water. 

 bunculuka 3 bunculuka bunculuka naslednji zalivi

The beach in the bay of  Vela Luka: In the bay of Vela Luka there is a beautiful beach, you can arrive from Baška by taxi boat, or go for a hiking adventure and at the same time experience some great hiking. More on the hiking trail that leads to the beach, read here:

On the beach there is a restaurant Pečenjara, where you can refresh yourself or can hire deckchairs, umbrellas or little pedaling boat. However, you can also order a taxi – a boat that will take you back to Baška.

  uvala vela luka 2 uvala vela luka 3 uvala vela luka

The beach in the bay of Mala Luka: Only a kilometer away from the beach in the cove of Vela Luka, there is surrounded by meadows and sheep, little Luka bay, which has a special herdsmen-mountain charm. Near, there is the top of the Corinthia, where you can enjoy a splendid view of both bays. Learn more about this hiking experience on this link here:

 uvala mala luka uvala mala luka 3 uvala mala luka 2

The beach in the cove of Vela Draga: This beach can be accessed by boat or a hiking trail, which leads to this beautiful beach with karst of spring water. In this area, the water is particularly clean, so it’s the visibility under water, do not forget to pack your mask, since you can observe interesting fish of different colors. This is a wild beach without tourist services, so do not forget to pack something to drink or to eat. More on the mountain path towards the beach, you can read at this link:

Uvala Vela Draga Uvala Vela Draga 3 Uvala Vela Draga 2

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