Vrbnik really is an artistic muse.


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This historic city, which is build on 48-meter high wall has been inhabited since the early Stone Age, and was first mentioned in records from Dragoslavova deed of gift, in 1100. I think that within each of us lies that one artistic talent, keen for expression, which is too often neglected. Vrbnik will make you want to create art, any kind of art. With its charming architecture of small, curvilinear streets full of interesting nooks and crannies, which if you look and listen close, tell you the ancient stories which were lived in this place. Whether it is photography, drawing, writing poems or stories or any other kind of expression note, you will feel it. So if you are an artist who needs a little inspiration, just go and visit to this magical place. I promise you, the town will not leave you indifferent. Before entering into one of the oldest cities on the island of Krk, you will see the main parking lot of the city which is situated on St. Ivan square. Years ago on that place it used to be the towns cemetery, which was later moved to the edge of the city. If you look on the left side of the parking lot, you will see the statue dedicated to the victims of war, it was built by the municipality of Vrbnik in 2003. The statue is located next to the church of St. Ivan from the Gothic period. Next to the church you can find the graves of many priests from this place, from which it is clear that this was the city where lived many important priests, which is reflected in the cultural development of the town. Next to the church you can see small memorial park which is beautifully decorated. From the park you can continue your way towards the steps on the right side, where you will arrive to the entrance of the old city. The first thing you see is a small, exquisitely regulated square named Škujica. Around and on the square you will find everything from phone booths, ATMs, bureaux de change, bakeries, fish store, free wifi connection, small shops, a hairdresser, county, travel agencies, bars, pubs and even a market place on the right side of the square which have a view on the houses located above the marina, on the other side of the bank. When you continue your way on the alley deeper into the city, along the way you will see the church of St. Anthony of Padua, a few steps forward church of St. Martin, a few wineries and arrived to the square of Vrbnik Statute, where is located the most famous library of family Vitezić, which has over 10,000 books. The most famous book in the library is one of the two issued existing copies: Atlas of the world, by Johann David Kochlera. The second copy is located in England.  Next to the library you can as well find a Glagolitic printing shop and ethnographic collection. There is as well the official tourist office of county Vrbnik, in front of the office there is “free little library” where you can take a book for free, read it and return it. If you wish you can also add your own book. 


“Free little library”

All over town you can find numerous galleries, museums and souvenir shops, especially around the most famous bell tower, which was built of stone in 1527. Apparently the tower was built from the money found in Gradec, where the Frankopans had their shelter. In the past the ground floor of the bell tower served as a prison. If you continue your way behind the church, towards the edge of the town you will arrive to this wonderful alley called Nad Kovač, which winds along the sea and it’s a home for two restaurants, which had won the jackpot with this location. The first is a restaurant and winery Nada, who has a unique terrace with tables made from wine barrels and a spectacular sea view. The second is a pizzeria Marine Villa, the authentically decorated villa is hard to describe with words, so I recommend that you visit it by yourself. If you go further along the path you will come under the city walls and lookout tower. It’s a bit difficult to access, since the way there is covered with the gardens of locals. It can be accessed from the top, but it is all overgrown with various plants. If you continue your way under the city walls and lookout tower you will reach the street Dverčića, where through a small door (as it was made for little people), you enter the square of King Zvonimir, where you will soon see the most famous street on the island and in their words in the world. Locals argue that this is the narrowest street in the world, in width at the narrowest point measuring just 43cm. It is also the place where many tourists stop and take pictures crossing it, if they can.


Narrowest street in the world

For Tomaž and me, the street was easy to cross. With this, I think that I summarized the main points of interest in the old town of Vrbnik, but really it’s like grapes, knitted small town with narrow, twisted streets, which is very interesting because each house has its own charm and historical value. Since Vrbnik is known for its vineyards, you may therefore find a few wineries or private craftsmen as well in the old town. They will offer you a free glass of wine, but of course it is appropriate to buy a bottle after tasting. If you decide to drive a car around the city, be prepared for very narrow streets, for which you’ll need some maneuvering skills. In the surroundings you will find a few churches or their residues. One of them, for instance is the Church of Our Lady of Health, which was built in 1859, to commemorate the victims of the cholera, which in 1855 swept away 79 lives. The church is built over the sea, next to a pleasant park with playground and a statue of Pope Blaž, who is keeping a close watch on the city. Vrbnik also has four beaches (Nuluk, Pod kovač, Zgribnica in kozica), which are located in the immediate vicinity, but if you’re willing to go a little further, you will find a series of hidden coves, which are probably in the main season more pleasant for swimming. For example Bay Potovšće, is around 3km away from the Vrbnik town, and you can reach it by car as well. More about the beaches you can read on this link: http://www.krkcroatia.net/beaches-in-vrbnik/

All of you who are more eager of sport life, can go to numerous hiking trails. We visited one in Vrbnik with Tomaž. You can read more about this adventure on this link: 

Vrbnik is known for Vrbnik field, and the field for its vineyards, which are in addition to excellent grapes, among other things, a great place to run. Vineyards usually mean the wine, and this also applies in this case. They produce the famous wine called : Vrbnička žlahtina, which is today well known all over Croatia. Me and Tomaž personaly visited the vinary Katunar, which is located next to the church of st. Nedija, right before the sign Vrbnik-which indicated the beginning of the town. More about the vinery Katunar you can read on this link:

Vrbnik had left a really good impression on me and offered me many ideas to create with. I will visit it again with pleasure, and I recommend you do the same.


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