Electric fence was responsible for incomplete hike in Vrbnik


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Vrbnik: Uvala Potovšće – Uvala Sršćica – Vinca

Vrbnik is a small, historic, stone town on the island of Krk, which rises above the sea; it will take you over with its amazingly charming and artistic beauty. And even the lovers of sports activities were not forgotten. Vrbnik has a quite few well-marked hiking trails,  surrounded by a unique landscape and fertile vineyards. We decided that we are going to start our hike in the Potovšće bay and then continue through bay Sršćica to the place called Vinca. We arrived to bay Potovšće on a beautiful asphalt road which has a view of Vinodolski channel, we parked our car on a big parking lot, which is located right next to a beautiful beach of the bay. After we parked the car we headed to the right edge of the beach, where we turned left onto the trail which rises above the bay.  We followed the signs and arrows, which led us on the obvious and only path which passes the bay of St. George / Sv. Jurij ( You can see the remains of the little st. George church while walking on the trail). After approximately two kilometers walk on the lovely road which rises above the bays, we arrived to a crossroad, where you can head to the left side and visit bay Sršćica, which will take you around 10 minutes or you can continue you hike towards Vinca. We decided that we would like to visit Vinca first and on our way back, visit the bay Sršćica.From the crossroads we hiked towards Vinca, we passed a couple of stone houses, where we saw a herd of sheep. The road we stared to walk on was not nearly as nice as the one we walked before. Now we suddenly started to walk on unfriendly path, sourounded with sharp rocks in the company of thorns and spiking flowers on the one side and electric shepherd fence on the other side. We were quite persistent with getting through this, and struggled to get over the rocks, all until Tomaž accidentally grabbed the electric shepherd, which was unexpectedly functioning.


Electric fence in the middle of the road.

The will to continue the hike on this “path” disappeared. We continued for a little bit, just so much that we could see the area of Vinca over the rock scarp. Today on this area are only the remains of the church of St. Nikola from the 15th century. We then decided that we will not continue on this unfriendly path anymore and turned back. I believe that when they were marking this path originally, it was quite interesting and enjoyable hike, but unfortunately now some “fool” poached the electric fence in the middle of the original marked hiking trail, which in my opinion was there only to shut down this hiking trail. A little disappointed with the situation we went back through the path of thorns and sharp rocks. Along the way we met had a herd of sheep who were really afraid, and noticed a very large amount of black beetles and mantis. After approximately two kilometers we once again came to a crossroads and went visit the bay Sršćica. When we approached the beach we were curiously watched by the ram, which soon moved away and joined his flock. Right in that moment there was a boat which just arrived in the bay and made a circle around it and carried on. Looking the bays with a boat is probably also a very interesting experience, since you can observe many hidden caves, which are located in the cliffs. This caves used to serve as a shelter for fishermen and vessels as well as hiding places for a variety of equipment and food. They say that they were used by pirates and thieves – especially in time of war. I just imagined to go and do some exploration, maybe there is still some hidden treasure;)

After visiting the bay Sršćica we went back to the parking lot. Unfortunately our hike was not totally finished but still, it was about 8km long and it took us about two and a half hours. Despite the fact that we did not come to Vinca itself, we take this hike as a successful completion of exploration, as we are now able to mention in the guide that this path is blocked due to the newly-installed electric fences. When we drove back towards the apartment, we were blessed with an amazing sunset, which shined on the town of Vrbnik. 


Sunset view

At the end good – everything is good.


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