Vela Luka Bay is an ideal hike

If you like to explore, enjoy the beautiful views, watch the animals and you like to be surprised by the variety of the trail you’re walking on, then I recommend that you take the route from Baška to Vela Luka bay. You can reach the beginning of the track on foot from the center of Baška, which will take about 2 km, or you can drive towards the free parking lot, which is located only about 300 meters below the starting point. There is also another parking lot, which is located just before entering the FKK Bunculuka nudist camp, but it will cost you 40Kn for the whole day. 

Parkirišče pred kampom Bunculuka

Parking lot, infront of the FKK camp Bunculuka

Start of the trail Uvala Vela Luka along the camp

Immediately after entering the camp, on the left side you will see a path, which will take you along the forest trail, behind the camp and then you will reach a sign which will show you the direction towards Vela Luka bay: Pečenjara. The trail is very well marked, so without any difficulties we went towards the final destination. First you start hiking up a steep rocky path towards the top, where you can see a beautiful view and then continue on some sort of shepherd’s path. Because of the area, we started to wonder when will we see any sheep. In exactly that moment we’ve heard their voices and soon meet them in person, while they were curiously watching us, passing by. Since we started the hike at 8:35, we could enjoy the morning sun, which made everything even more magical. The more we climbed, the more it was clear to us why there are so many stone walls. Since the area is more open, it can become very windy, so in you are more sensitive, I recommend that you take your wind-jacket with you. Shortly after the windy area, we saw this long-awaited view of the bay Vela Luka and next to it Mala Luka. We were not the only ones enjoying that view, but as well this mantis which you can see on the picture. 

Bogomolka gleda na Uvala Vela Luka

Manits enjoying the view

We went down the rocky slope and arrived to out destination. Vela Luka bay awaits you with a wonderful beach and an inn called Pečenjara, in which you can refresh yourself, hire a deckchair, umbrellas or rent a pedal boat. You can as well rent a taxi boat, which can take you back to Baška by sea. We decided to head toward another kilometer and visit the Mala Luka bay. On the way there, we met a large lizard and flock of sheep that were hiding in a shade under the fig tree. We continued our way on this almost a little desert path which took us into the bay of Mala Luka, which had a special shepherd’s mountain charm. In a sheep company  we relaxed on the lawn and went swimming in the bay. When our legs rested enough we decided to go back. While we were there we as well climbed the nearby hill named Corinthia, which honored us with a beautiful view of both bays. Corinthia used to be an ancient village, which was apparently after the Second World War, overgrown with vines. Today this is more difficult to imagine, since the landscape is all rocky. When we were going back, we decided that we will return on a different path, so we went towards canyon named Vrženica. That was in my opinion the most interesting and fun part of the journey, as it was necessary to use some climbing skills, jumping and testing our swiftness, of course, caution was appropriate.  The canyon is about 2.5 kilometers long, so at that time you conquer the obstacles the best way you can, and at the end of it you arrive in a forest of nicely smelling pines. This strong pleasant aroma accompanies you all the way toward the beautiful beach. The path continues on the seaside, where you cross different bays with crystal clear water, which is inviting you to swim and rest a bit after you hike.

rajska plaža na poti iz Uvala Vela Luka

The beach that awaits, after you come from the canyon

And that was exactly what we did. After enjoying in one of the bays we continued our hike. The next two kilometers, we were passing coves and rocky edges, all the way to the nudist camp Bunculuka. We passed the seaside climbing spot and then continued on the path up to our car. Without any problems we walked this path in our running sneakers, but if I remember the terrain I would rather put on the hiking shoes. My endomondo application recorded 13,15 kilomiters in about 4 hours and 41 minutes. They say that a picture tells a thousand words, so I’m inviting you to see the gallery, where among other thing you can as well se the summary of our path.


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