Obzova – the highest peak on the island Krk


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In the southeastern part, the island of Krk is also known for its hilly terrain. Baška is definitely the most suitable destination on the island, where you can visit some interesting hiking trails. You can decide between varieties of minor or more serious hiking trips. Also, in Baška valley you can find the highest point on the island Krk. Tomaž and I also decided to visit the highest top. This rocky peak is called Obzova and is located on 568 meters above sea level. We started to walk towards the top from a place called Draga Baščanska, you can leave your car behind the little bus station, where you will as well see a sign (Obzova – 5,5 km). From that point you need to walk in the direction towards the near church, pass in on its left side and in a distance you will noticed another parking lot on the left.

The first sign: Bus station in Draga Baščanska

You need to cross the bridge under which runs the river Vela Rika and turn right. After around 200 meter be alert on the sign, which will show you to continue your way on the forest road, which will start on your left.  We strongly moved towards the highest peak, our eyes were looking at a steep and stony desert, which is the result of fierce bora wind, rain and salty southern wind. When you turn around, your eyes sees the beautiful Baščanska valley, which soon disappears among the rocky world. When we were rising higher and higher towards the top we also noticed some interesting puddles, which were there to watering the livestock. Yes, in these areas you can still find a lot of sheep, although there is hardly any edible grass clump, since the area at the top and around the top is completely rocky. In the company of sheep we came to the stone wall, where it is necessary to carefully follow the markings, which are indicated between rocks. In front, you will already notice the highest point of the island of Krk – Obzova, we walked towards it, ate our snack and took some photos. The surrounding area looked like a desert paradise, which due to cloudy weather did not look too friendly, but of course had its own charm.

The top of Obzova 569m

In the distance we’ve seen a bunch of sheep, which were grazing on surprisingly green area and behind them you could as well see the city Krk.  It was quite windy at the top, so we did not stay there long. When we decided to go back, Tomaž noticed a big black-yellow/brown spider which was hiding in the hole, hidden among the rocks. The spider was not too frightened since he proudly showed off, in front of the camera.

Obzova – Spider

We were watched by the sheep, above us the majestic eagle was circulating, below us there were spiders hiding in the holes, and grasshoppers jumping everywhere. On this route you can certainly feel the impact of the mountain animal kingdom, which we respectfully caught with our cameras.


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